Membership Rules


Regular meetings are usually held on the third (3rd) Wednesday of each month.


Active membership is open to anyone with an interest in gardening and in supporting Club objectives. Guests may apply for membership after attending three (3) meetings, which may include a working meeting such as Garden Therapy.


Active members are expected to attend monthly meetings, be a supporting member of at least two (2 ) Committees, help with the maintenance of the Club’s main “public” garden space, take a turn supplying refreshments,  pay dues and participate in any special meetings or ongoing Garden Club projects.




Dues are payable by March 30th

          Regular Member - $70 per year (includes $12.00 for GNJ)






Shall determine the Club’s award eligibility in various areas, coordinate and compile the books of evidence (by following instructions provided by the Garden Club of NJ) and submit them for consideration of State awards.

Committee Leader - Maureen Sammis

Alexis Mercer



Shall send emails or make telephone calls to the membership, at the request of the President, keep members apprised of Board activities prior to regular meetings or to convey important information between meetings.

Committee Leader - Christine Yates



Shall circulate to the Club and the public ideas for “going green”; keep the Club informed of pertinent environmental and watershed issues; recycling initiatives; etc., and provide club and community education.

Committee Leader – Arnold Mercer                             

Lynn Ropke



Shall endeavor to stimulate interest in Garden Therapy among Club members; oversee continuing Club projects at local institutions and county programs; be responsible for requests from the State Garden Therapy Club Chair.

Committee Leaders – Pat Morse and Buel Ecker                   

Core Members:  Bobbi Godleski, Joyce Lindabery, Kathy Madden, Gay Orfe, Maureen Sammis, Judith Serafin, Christine Yates

Other members who are available are welcome.



Shall keep all records and files of the Club’s past and present activities, including photographs, awards, publicity, and all memorabilia pertaining to the Club’s history.

Committee Leader – Joan Fairchild

Joyce Lindabery            Alexis Mercer



Shall oversee the maintenance of Club horticulture projects; share, educate and encourage members on garden techniques and new and better plants; shall facilitate the exchange of plants; shall arrange members’ garden tours; shall in every way stimulate interest in the purpose of the Club.

Committee Leader - Peggy Moskway    



Shall oversee the host/hostess and supplies for monthly meetings; shall secure a substitute host/hostess if the host/hostess is unable to serve at the monthly meeting. Host/hostess shall be in charge of the Club’s related equipment and supplies.

Committee Leaders – Bobbi Godleski and Pat Morse

Hospitality Committee duties for monthly meetings:


The lead hostess/ host will be the first person in bold, next will be listed the Hostesses/ Hosts for the month. They should arrive before the meeting and ensure all refreshments are available by 9:30 A.M.



All the hospitality hostesses/hosts of that month’s meeting will help with the clean-up.  The Committee Chairperson will check the yearbook for the next month’s hostesses/host and announce their names for the next meeting.



Shall advertise for new members, distribute application forms to and oversee the integration of prospective members into Club activities. (A candidate for active membership shall attend three (3) general meetings within a six (6) month period); shall notify candidates of election to membership, including with this notification a copy of the Yearbook, By-Laws  & Operational Procedures; shall call prospective candidates for membership, prior to all meetings and activities, to invite them to attend and keep them informed of the meetings and the Club agenda; shall see that all new members  are greeted at the door, assigned a mentor and assigned to committees; take attendance at all meetings and activities.                                     

Membership shall call members after two (2) unexplained absences to inquire why the member has not been attending meetings; shall assist Hospitality to plan for September’s New Member Luncheon.

Committee Leader - Juliana Kraft         

Meryl Campbell



Shall consist of three (3) members, who rotate through on alternating years, with each member serving a three-year term.  The member serving in his/her third year will Chair the committee; shall create a slate of officers to replace retiring officers; shall present the slate to the membership each April for a vote in May to be installed in June.

Committee Leader – Joyce Lindabery (2017)

Lynn Ropke (2018)                  Bobbi Godleski (2019)




Shall set up programs for the year and engage speakers, transportation, staging, and having everything ready for the speaker’s arrival; shall notify Publicity for newspaper coverage as applicable, introduce the speaker and send a note of thanks after the meeting; shall type, copy and distribute the Club Yearbook to all Country Garden Club members.

Committee Leader - Maureen Sammis  

Dorothy Aquila                        Juliana Kraft



Shall have charge of all newspaper, website, magazine, and poster publicity as well as printed materials, programs, tickets, etc.; shall endeavor to make the community aware of all upcoming meetings and events.

Committee Leader - Kathy Madden



Shall be responsible for sending cards and flower arrangements etc., as appropriate, to Club members as directed by the President.  Members may be asked to assist in the delivery of items.

Committee Leader – Alexis Mercer      

Meryl Campbell                                    



Shall be responsive to members who identify (March-December) homes or businesses whereby the owners have “beautified” their property making it worthy of Random Acts of Beauty recognition; shall present the owners with a lettercertificate and request to place a sign, for a limited time, on the property.

Committee Leaders – Dorothy Aquila and Pat Morse

All Members



Shall determine ways and means in which to create revenue for the Club and shall direct members in these endeavors. 

Committee Leaders - Christine Yates



Shall keep the website current with up-to-date information on trips, projects, gardening tips, and meetings for the benefit of the public and Club members; shall post pictures of monthly meetings and outings. 

Committee Leader - Michele Liana







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