CP-1 Continue the planting, weeding and on-going maintenance of the gardens at the Red Mill Museum and the Hunterdon Art Museum. 

Project Leader – Kathy Madden 

With 25% participation by Club members 

CP-2 Participate in the annual “Wreaths Across America” project in December by soliciting the purchase of wreaths and placing the wreaths on the graves of veterans in a local Hunterdon County cemetery. The goal is to obtain enough wreaths to place approximately one hundred Military gravesites with a wreath. 

Project Leader – Christine Yates 

With 100% participation by Club members 

CP-3 Continue Garden Therapy Partnership with Meals on Wheels of Hunterdon County by preparing 50 to 60 small floral arrangements once a month to be delivered with meals to senior citizens and “shut-ins”. 

Project Leaders – Pat Morse and Gay Orfe 

With 33% participation by Club members 

CP-4 Continue to partner with the Clinton Conservancy Gardens in its efforts to beautify the town of Clinton by transforming several parks into habitats for birds, butterflies, and other pollinators and a living classroom with the addition of name tags to identify everything that is planted. Local Boy and Girl Scout Troops are helping to “Plant America”. 

Project Leader – Kathy Madden 

With 50% participation by Club members 

CP-5 Continue the Random Acts of Beauty program whereby owners who have beautified their property will be the recipients of the Club’s Random Acts of Beauty recognition. 

Project Leaders – Dorothy Aquila and Pat Morse 

With 100% participation by Club members 

CP-6 In pursuit of “going green”, the Yearbook, By-Laws, Operational Procedures, Meeting Minutes, and Club messages/reminders will be sent to the Club’s 

members electronically on the Club’s website, while Word or PDF documents will 

be sent a direct email to each member. In addition, the Sunshine Committee will email Club member's birthday, get well and other cards as appropriate. 

Project Leader – Michele Liana and Alexis Mercer 

NP-1 Working with the Director and the Children’s Librarian at a local library, Club members will help the children to make a project related to a story that will be read to them. The Saved Seeds (by Brenda Moore, National Garden Clubs, Inc.) is an early reader book written to help young children to understand the life cycle of seed plants. The Save Seeds follows the journey of a smiling pumpkin seed from a Halloween pumpkin through the year becoming a seedling, a vine and then a new pumpkin. Frightened Frog (by Brenda Moore and Jean Ohlmann, National Garden Clubs, Inc.), another early reader book, emphasizes environmental factors that negatively affect amphibians. 

Project Leader – Michele Liana 

With 75% participation by Club members 

NP-2 The Stanton Holly Trail is a long-established December tour of homes whose proceeds assist a local church and Brightside Adult Day Care. Club members will work together September into December brainstorming how they will decorate the Club’s assigned home, making handmade decorations and decorating the home. 

Project Leader – Michele Liana 

With 100% participation by Club members 




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